Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Tonic: Black Lives Matter Trio

Tonic, La Tannya Murphy and Krystal Q Moore developed a trio of colors inspired by the Harvey African American Flag.
50% of the price of each bottle sold from October 10-November 10, 2020 will be donated to the Until Freedom organization.

An Inky blackened base packed with super shiny, sparkly, iridescent gold-green-teal-cerulean shifting shimmer

Sooo sparkly! It twinkles in the bottle, on the brush, on the nail like tiny mirrors reflecting light. Shown is two coats with topcoat.

Shine A Light
A jellied warm lemon yellow packed with super shiny, sparkly, iridescent gold-green-aqua shifting shimmer. Lindsay warns that this may cause some yellowing of your nail which can typically be prevented by using a base coat first. The I'm So Fancy bases would be fun to experiment with!

So freaking glowy! I swear Lindsey put microscopic lights in there! And would ya look at that limey shift!? Shown is three coats with topcoat.

Social Injustice
A matte-drying polish packed with red-orange-gold shifting multichrome flakes and microflakes and a sprinkling of green-blue-purple-fuchsia-gold shifting multichrome flakes that can be worn as a topper or a stand-alone color in as little as 2 or 3 coats! The matte finish is velvety smooth and also looks great with Tonic Topper top coat.

Shown in one coat over #BLM two ways: first with its natural finish, matte, and then with glossy topcoat.

Next, shown in one coat over Shine A Light with two nails matte and two nails with glossy topcoat.

Are you excited about this trio?! I know I am loving it! Available October 10, 2020 at Tonic and for pre-order Girly Bits Cosmetics.
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