Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Liquid Sky Lacquer: Wyld Pixie and Tripindicular

I have been on the hunt for an almost purple pink, and its been impossible to find. I had high hopes for Tripindicular when I spotted it at Liquid Sky Lacquer's shop. I bought it immediately and was super excited to have it in my hands.

It arrived, and it was more of a coral color, like LSL's Glistening Coral. I wrote to Carolyn because I wondered if I'd gotten a mislabeled bottle. In a week she replied and assured me that I had the correct product so I let her know that I was disappointed and she replied almost immediately and offered to send another color to me.
I let her know about my endless hunt for the perfect magenta/berry color with very vibrant linear holo and I sent a quickly made collage of images to help demonstrate the color I was after.

xoxoJen's magenta collage

She replied and offered to mix up a color for me based on those images! I couldn't believe what I was reading! How awesome is that of her? I can see why her company gets rave reviews! She sent the polish to me in just a few days and it was not an exact match but nonetheless gorgeous! In bright sunlight it leans more blue and is at it closest match to the collage; however, in other lighting it sometimes leans a little more to the red side, even bordering on a burgundy-ish color. I don't have anything else like it. The name she chose for it was super cute too, Wyld Pixie -- and here she is!

xoxoJen's swatch of Wyld Pixie by Liquid Sky Lacquer

I wore two coats with topcoat in the photos above. The formula is smooth as a baby and that holo!
It lights up like a Christmas tree, even in dim lighting. I have the room lights off right now so my only light is the computer monitor. Holding my hand about two feet from it, I can't really tell what shade is on my nails but I can STILL tell that there's a holo rainbow on them. Pretty amazing!

xoxoJen's swatch of Wyld Pixie by Liquid Sky Lacquer

I suggested that she release it in her shop and I just noticed yesterday that it was released on April 19th!

xoxoJen's swatch of Wyld Pixie by Liquid Sky Lacquer

A quick comparison of Wyld Pixie (index/pinky) and Tripindicular (middle/ring). Trip has that beautiful shade of purple popping out of the holo rainbow and has a very peachy/coral pink base! These two polishes are quite different shades, eh? Need them both? I think so. :)

xoxoJen's swatch of Wyld Pixie and Tripindicular by Liquid Sky Lacquer

Many thanks and big bear hugs to Carolyn! :D

Get your awesome holos at the Liquid Sky Lacquer Shop! Follow her on Facebook too!

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  1. Tripindicular was a huge disappointment to me, but I didn't get a response from the etailer--I should have bought it directly from the maker! Wyld Pixie is just lovely.

    1. Aw I'm sorry to hear it! But totally understand - I'm working on swatch photos for it and my hope is that they will be color accurate. Peach/coral is really hard to shoot.
      I'm glad you like Wyld Pixie, she's a cutie! :)

  2. That is so sweet of her to do! Its such a pretty holo shade too :)

  3. "Wow" on so many levels! Wow, that polish is gorgeous! Wow, I can't believe how awesome that customer service is!

  4. Jen, I'm wondering if you've been influenced by the Radiant Orchid trend this year. I certainly have, and it's been great since pink/purple are my two favorite nail colors to wear -- so all the variations of R.O. seem to fit. I'm even doing my garden annuals in the color this summer. =) Thank you, as always, for the beautiful swatches!

    1. oh man, I've always had a love for raspberry / orchid type colors, purple, and lime green. In fact, I have a very old Sinful Colors polish back when they used bottles shaped like today's SV bottle, called Noelle. It's only half full and I even rebought the new bottle style of it not too many months ago! So when I found out that RO was Pantone's color of the year this year I was very excited and anticipated being able to score a bunch of things in that color!

      Your flowers sound like they'll be beautiful! What kinds of flowers are you planting? I'd love to see a photo if/when yours are blooming!


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