Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vivid Lacquer: St. Patrick's Day Duo

This evening I have two polishes from Vivid Lacquer to share with you! One is a jelly and the other is a holo glitter topper! The duo was created for St. Patrick's day and will be released Monday, March 4th.

Leprechaun Dust is the first polish in the set. Its a medium green jelly packed with iridescent shimmer and hexes.

I wore three thin coats for the photos here, but I think two heavier coats would cover the nail line.

The application of Leprechaun Dust was excellent. I was able to control where I wanted the polish on the nail; very little clean up needed.

I would love this polish even if it didn't have the shimmers and hex glitters in it. Such a pretty shade of green, like a shamrock!

Next, I topped it with Rainbow's End, a gold "coin", small gold glitter and lime green holo glitter topper.

I wore one coat and used a kind of brush/dab technique to apply it. I think its the perfect amount of glitter to allow the base color to show through.

Gah! I just love circle glitter! Pretty clever idea to use it in this polish!

Such a festive fun glitter; I think it suits the occasion really well!

Vivid Lacquer polishes are available on Etsy and you can follow the brand on facebook.

Products provided for review.


  1. Thank you!
    I kind of scoot the brush along as I dab, it helps eliminate those. Start near the cuticle edge and work toward the free edge, just like when painting. If you still have some globs, let the polish dry thoroughly then file the bump down with a soft/fine grit file and topcoat the nail. Viola! :)

  2. Just stunning - that green is so vivid & I love the blue flecks. Lovely mani as always Jen ♥

  3. Oooh, smart idea. I too get strange lumps sometimes. Even a top coat pools for a strange raised area along the sides making pictures impossible!


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