Thursday, February 21, 2013

Big Day!

Today is the big day for the announcement of the giveaway winner! I plan to post it up later this evening so that you all have some more time to get those last minute entries in.

I had such a good response to layering the polish over black and white that I did a few more to show you. :)

I tried to arch my fingers like a rainbow for a little photo fun!
Each finger has a couple coats of base color and then one coat of the glitter polish. Its pretty densely packed with glitter!
I hope this helps to show how well this topper can go with a lot of different colors, even though the base is slightly tinted grey.

I was also gifted a cute lil image from a friend of mine on facebook, Zombiemistress Elwell.

Hold tight!! We'll have a winner this evening! :)


  1. So inventive! I love it over the lime/neon green. I don't own any neons but this is a stunning combo - stop enabling me - Pleeeeze? LOL Very unique ♥


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