Thursday, September 20, 2012

Guest Post: Becacine makes our glitter removing lives easier!

One thing that I consider valuable as a nail polish lover is a quick, easy way to remove a very glittery polish. I'm not talking about what kind of acetone or cotton balls to use, or that foil method I've blogged about, but a simple and fun method that uses neither! Becca mentioned that she was having yellowed nails and I suggested that she try the Yellow Stopper that I had seen at Sally Beauty. Yellow Stopper is intended to be worn as a top coat over natural nails and any type of enhancements. I would also surmise it could be used as a topcot for white polish to help it keep looking white. She tried it as a base coat and made a very surprising discovery that she shares in her tutorial below.

Yellow Stopper (quick glitter nail polish removal)
Please note Yellow Stopper was discontinued sometime in 2022 or 23

I'd like to share a happy mistake that happened to me while I was searching for the perfect base coat. Sally Beauty Supply carries a product called Yellow Stopper by American Classics. It has UV protection and looks really pretty on it's own when there is no time for a manicure. It casts a beautiful shade of super light purple over your nails so they look naturally "pumped up" white, similar to a French manicure.

The happy mistake occurred when I attempted to do a manicure over it. This is the best product if you want to have a 2 or 3 day manicure of heavy glitter but don't want to use the acetone/foil method of removal. As you can see in the second picture, the entire manicure peels right off! The more coats you apply under the mani, the more quickly it wants to peel.

What a great find for those of us who don't want the same nails for more than a couple of days. Just be very careful when you peel the entire manicure off - don't rush it. If the polish doesn't want to come off, it's not ready yet and you will need the foil method. If you rush it, your nails may peel with the entire manicure so please be very careful.

Yellow Stopper by American Classics (bought at Sally Beauty Supply)

Cirque Tibetan Nights & Lynnderella When The Moon Was A Star REMOVAL after 3 days. One nail popped off during the day and the rest were gently coerced into coming off later that night.

Becacine, I'm so glad you shared your discovery with us, thank you!
To visit Becacine, you can either click this link or the image below. Thank you for visiting!

2022 update: There are so many options now for peel off base. Many indie companies offer latex or latex-free options, PVA glue (Elmer's is one example of this) mixed with a little water to thin works well too!
2024 update: ASP has picked up the entire line of American Classics and sells them at Sally Beauty! ASP Nail Fortress is similar to Gelous, and Block It! is similar to Yellow Stopper.


  1. This is hilarious and amazing at the same time....I love a good glitter bomb, have to try this!

    1. It is!
      I got a huge bottle of this stuff after she blogged about it and I've been using it since! I really love how easy it is to remove and 2-3 days time for a mani is just right for me!

  2. OMG Thanks SO much for this post. I just bought the whole line of products including this yellow stopper one!! Yayyyy!! Now I don't have to worry about trying the Elmers Glue basecoat!!! Awesome!! Thanks so much!!
    I'm following your blog via GFC!! You have such a lovely blog! <3 Keep up the great work Jen!! XOXO Joanna

  3. I just ordered a huge bottle of it. I figure will save me money in all the cotton balls and acetone i go through scrubbin off glitter. And i never wear a mani for more than two days lol.

    1. yeah it has certainly made a difference in how much acetone and cotton balls I go through. I've actually been using a moisturizing formula remover instead of pure acetone and its made a difference with my cuticles too. So so glad she tried this and posted about it! I got the big bottle the day this post went up and I'm about halfway through it now. It lasts such a long time!

  4. nice find! i am definitely going to have to try this. i just had a hell of a time removing some glitter this week. and i love me some glitter so this is may be great.

    1. I absolutely love using it! I will not go back to regular base coat for glitters unless I want to wear them longer than a day. Definitely let me know how it works for you!

      Do keep in mind though, that this works quite differently on acryllics from what I have heard - the results above and all of my experience are on natural nails.


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