Monday, August 6, 2012

Frankens From Friends

I am a member of a small closed community of nail polish fiends who are very creative and enjoy frankening as a hobby. I was lucky enough to get my mits on several of their creations and lemme tell ya they're - well, lemme just show you a few!

Shrieking Eels made by TK
Grey jelly base with teal glitters

Dalek inspired polish (unnamed) by Tgirl

I hope you've enjoyed the photos!


  1. These are gorgeous! And I love the names, I would buy them just for that! :)

  2. Seriously! That first one is Amazing!! I'm now going to pretend I never saw it... to avoid acute cravings for a polish that's not available. =) But if it ever becomes more than a hobby... or if Shrieking Eels becomes maybe a one time polish sale explosion... You gotta let us know!! =) It's lovely! As are your swatches! Thx for sharing and your beautiful swatches overall. I immediately had to pin your swatch of I (heart) NY when I saw it, and then quickly thereafter HAD to go on a pinning frenzy. =) Love the Ama Dablam swatch too! I am so in love with that polish! Which totally blows me away even more since glitter top coats aren't usually my favorites, but... something about that polish!
    Anyways... Thanks! =)

    1. Shrieking Eels is definitely a fave of many and I've let her know this. I've let her know about all the comments from here and other boards and I noticed today that she has full sized bottles in hand now and she said something about thinking up a name. So I suspect she might be going public sometime. If she does, I will definitely post about it. :)

  3. Very pretty! I love making frankens as well!

  4. I need that Dalek polish with a quickness. Please let us know if it ever become available!


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