Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dollish Toxic Avenger

Behold its beauty! Toxic Avenger is a super rare, super hard to get, high demand discontinued polish. Dolly won't be making any more as the supplies she used no longer exist.

stamped and with HK Girl topcoat. (I freaking love this topcoat!)

The wonderful TK from the blue forums was such a sweetheart to swap this to me! It was a long time lemming of mine and I finally have it!
Now that its in my hands, I'm thinking I can dupe it, what say you?
Orly Space Cadet x Holo Top Coat

I layered my dupe idea on the wheel, but mixed, I do believe it'd be difficult to distinguish from the original. Yes?

update on my grandma: she was released 7/22 and is now back at the hospital as of Sunday. She was only out for six days. :(


  1. Gorgeous mani as always :-)
    Dupe it baby!!
    So happy for you on the personal front xoxo


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