Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Button Soap Company

Just got it today and well, this is the first time I've written a same day review - I think. Yep, that excited about it!

First opened

Top layer removed

All out of the box, such a sweet note from Bree!

All unwrapped. And that's my happy lil haul!
Free samples!
We all love samples, yes? So let's review those first!
Gingerbread Brulee - The classic creaminess of a Brulee mingled with Gingerbread...
--On cold sniff I get a hit of goeey caramel and then I smell cookie. Not picking up a lot of spice, but that is fantastic in my book! I cannot wait to use this in the shower tomorrow morning. I think this will really blossom and be spectacular!

Peppermint Frosting - The sweetest Buttercream icing covered in Candy Cane bits!
--Mm Buttercream, sugar and cool refreshing peppermint on top! Gah, I bet this would be so freaking awesome with molten chocolate shower gel in the shower! Can you imagine!?

I love their shampoo and conditioner and so I ordered more in my very favorite scent.
I've reviewed it before but since I cannot say enough about it, here's why I like these:

My hair type: Just past the shoulder, color treated, oily roots, dry ends, some flyaways, thick yet fine, a little wavy but I flat iron it straight. Tangles are usually an issue, I have an allergic reaction (facial skin breaks out in itchy bumps) to most shampoos, some conditioners make my scalp itch several hours after washing or the ends of my hair make my face itch. Volume is difficult to achieve.

I never thought I would ever find hair care to fix all my problems, but I did!
The shampoo and conditioner allow me to have oil free roots all day long, and half the day the next day. Adding a little pea sized amt of conditioner to the ends before I blow dry smooths out the dry ends. It gives enough moisture that I do not see any apparent heat damage from blow drying or flat ironing. Its color safe. No tangles - I can run my pick through after towel drying with no issues. No bumps, no breakouts, no itching. I don't have to use any other products on my hair; and it has volume, is super shiney, soft and squeaky clean!

The conditioner can be compared to IOE's Plush in how it works, but I find that IOE's makes my face itch and HBSC leaves my hair slightly more silky and shiney. Its light and rinses clean and leaves a little fragrance behind, yum!

Definitely my holy grail combo!

"The Cool scent of falling leaves mingled with warm homemade pumpkin pie..."
The lotion is really nice and creamy, holds a stiff peek on its own and is not greasy at all.
Autumn Harvest is intoxicating and comforting, every single time I smell it. So with this order I got both poo and dish AND a lotion. Now my world will smell like heaven all day!>

Nazarene solid perfume - The scent of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Patchouli mingled with Orange blossoms and musk in the night air.
--I was really hoping for lots of Frank and Myrrh and less Patch, but the Patch note is predominant after I've worn it for several minutes. I have found though, that by layering this with my Autumn Harvest lotion its irresistable! AH is really enhanced by the Patch note which blends so well it doesn't stick out like a single note anymore. Similar in concept to Haus Peach Mama. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the twist up container, no more icky fingers dipping in a tin. Simple and clean to apply! Definitely wearing this tomorrow with my AH lotion. Yum!

I will admit, I was quite skeptical of the lip butters because I'm particular with lip balm. Greasy, watery, texture, taste, feel, and how do my lips feel when its worn off? I have a huge (over 100) collection so I don't like to order them unless I know its going to be awesome.
I took the leap though, because all HBSC products have been spectacular so far. And it rings true with these! comparable in quality to Haunt and Haus of Gloi. Its creamy, melts to my lips on contact but doesn't turn watery. My lips immediately feel soft and moisturized and it seems to stay on as long as others. They're sweetened so they taste good too!

Red Velvet Cake Lip butter - I opened and tried this one and it smells and tastes like chocolate cake with creamy frosting. Yummy!
Butter Toffee Crunch Lip butter - This will be opened once the rvc is all used up! Keeping it sealed, and oh I left the seal in the photo so you could all see how it looks. One of those heat shrink wraps with perforation. :)

I hope you enjoyed my review!


  1. Always enjoy your reviews!
    I'm on my way over to Happy Button right now :)

  2. Oh Awesome! Thank you so much for the comment! I didn't think anyone was reading. lol I read your blog entries too and I think we have similar scent tastes, I gotta get my hands on some of that Savor Nanaimo scent. omg it sounds delicious! :D Your blog design is gorgeous and I have to know, how in the world were you able to make it wider? I would love to have a sidebar and large photos, but my current design won't allow it and I could not figure out how to make it wider than what blogger allows for this template. If you don't mind sharing, I am dying to learn! :)


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