Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Solstice Scents Haul and Review

This is my very first purchase from Solstice Scents, so this is my complete stash of SS products. :)

Sugared Amber Whipped Cleansing Scrub in Keylime, Coconut Cream and Pineapple:
At first jar opening, I could smell the fragrance rising from the glistening, pure white sugar crystals. Lifting it for a closer sniff, I get a beautiful blend of all three scents. Such a wonderful aroma, I was ready to get a spoon and dig in!
But instead I went to the sink to do a test run of the scrub with a hand washing. Its nice and scrubby, the sugar granules seem to be very similar in size and as I rubbed I saw some bubbles while the scrub became creamy almost like a lotion. Very nice!
After I towel dried my hands I could still smell this tropical scent! Paradise!
Here's a photo of the top of the scrub:

The mini vials in the second photo above are perfume oils. I ordered two, and got two free since it was my first purchase with SS. She even let me choose the scents for the free ones!

Jack & The Devil - Vanilla, Tobacco, Oakmoss, Amber, Patchouli, Sweet Pumpkin & Soft Spice
--I am fairly certain that I can smell each of the above scent notes, they're really well balanced in this blend. I really love amber, and its definitely coming through on my skin; the spice is very soft which is good because my chemistry tends to amp spices. I smell something sweet now which I think is the vanilla but the tobacco is keeping the vanilla grounded in a very nice way. The patch is nearly hidden in here as well as the oakmoss, very subtle for both. I am really digging this scent, I think it'll be perfect for cool weather; a nice and cozy scent!

Violet Truffle - Dark Chocolate, Violet, Violet Leaf & Vanilla Absolute
--Wow! So complex, its difficult to describe. The chocolate is a nice rich bittersweet dark chocolate, nothing fake here. I get a top note that's a little green but not overly so, very well blended in. The violet sits just under the chocolate, as it morphs the violet turns to a soft powdery scent. The longer its on my skin, the more it changes to sweet scent. The vanilla base lingers throughout, making this a very well blended scent.

Cenobite - A Deep & Rich Vanilla for Vanilla Lovers
--Oh Cenobite, how do I love thee! Very boozy smelling in the bottle but once applied the fragrance blossoms into the most wonderful, deep, rich vanilla. The longer I wear it, the more it smells like vanilla extract, straight from the bean. This is the first vanilla that has not turned to plastic on me. Win!

Astral Temple - Sensual Amber, Ginger, Orange & Clove
--This is the fragrance that drew me to SS. I love amber, and this sounded like a wonderful blend to try. Boy am I glad I did! Its a very lovely rich, yet sweet amber paired with orange and clove; which I think really enhance the amber in a wonderful way. I don't quite smell the ginger as a single note, but I am sure its there. Oh yes, now I smell the ginger layered on top of everything spicing it up just a hare. I wouldn't realize it was there, had it not been listed as a scent note. Gah I could totally live in this fragrance, its that good. If you're an amber lover, definitely give this a try!

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