Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coco & Lola haul and review

Coco & Lola's shop

Soap Bars:
Strawberry Delight - Strawberry dessert soap has a fresh and delicious scent of fresh strawberry's, just in time for Summer.

Lavender and Rose - This soap has a delightful lavender and rose scent to it. It includes French lavender from my garden and is great for sensitive skin types. It has a beautiful purple hue on the bottom and a sky blue color on top.

Citrus Coffee - It's like drinking your coffee with a twist of citrus. This soap has a beautiful green color to it with coffee blended in.

Pacific Ocean - Has a great smooth texture to it which includes coffee and oatmeal. Color of this soap is a beautiful ocean blue color with swirls all around.

Bath Salts:
Midnight Blue - Midnight Blue Bath Salts have a nice lavender scent.

Caramel lip balm - Anyone that loves caramel, will really enjoy this lip balm. Has a rich flavor of caramel with a little bit of vanilla added in.

The descriptions are from their website and are very accurate. The soaps all smell lovely and their bars are so gorgeous. Their scents are light and delicate, the soaps are creamy to the touch yet are nice hard bars. I tried the strawberry one and the lather it produces is so awesome. I swear there was a 1/4 inch of frothy bubbles all over my hands. Perfect for shaving with. My hands felt soft and clean after rinsing. I am in LOVE with their soaps! I also adore how the soaps are all cut a little differently. It really lends a handmade touch to them.

I think Coco & Lola's soaps are also perfect for gifts because they're not heavily perfumed, yet they smell really good and they're gorgeous! The outer wrapping is clear and really allows the beauty of the artisan soap to be showcased.

I haven't tried the bath salts yet, but they are a gorgeous dark blue and while the listing says lavender I think they smell like milk, honey, and cherries - really creamy and yummy. Love that scent!

The lip balm is so very nice! Its very similar in texture and hardness to a lip smacker balm. The scent and flavor is yummy, Jas swiped it from me and he usually will only use chapstick brand. This one is a little softer than chapstick and does not turn to an oily greasy mess after application. It stays put!

By the way, Jas picked the citrus coffee and I gave him the ocean bar as a kind of surprise. Yep, he's into homemade soaps now! :D

The only thing that disappointed me a little was they were shipped in a flat rate priority envelope which the post office banged up on its way to me. Only one of my soaps was dented on a corner, but a box or something a little more sturdy might be better for shipping.


  1. I love the pastels, these soaps look like they belong in a house on the beach.

  2. They do don't they?! Thanks for the comment!


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