Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sugarcandie Beauty Bar
Paid 5/23, delivered 6/27
I ordered scrubs during a sale with Sugarcandie42 for 42% off.

From the sundae shoppe:
girly girls love pink cotton candy - pink cotton candy+strawberry sugars
~ I really love this scent, just as described! Sweet and sugary strawberry cotton candy. The scrub is white and pink swirled together and topped with blue turbinado sugar and iridescent glitters!

bahama banana cotton candy - banana, coconut, cotton candy
~Definitely getting banana and coconut, not so much cotton candy but I love it. It reminds me of banana flavored snow cones from when I was a wee kiddo. Swirly yellows mingle in this jar which is also topped with blue turbinado sugar. Neat how the blue and yellow made some green there! Iridescent glitter finishes it off. :)

From the dark carnivale:
Mistress of the mansion - amber, vanilla, cotton candy (haunted mansion)
~I love foody and I love amber, so I could not resist ordering this one and I am definitely pleased with it. I cannot stop sniffing it. I didn't want to rinse and get out of the shower the day I tried it. Its heaven in a jar. If you like cotton candy and you like amber, this is a must have scent. This jar is swirly purple and white with spots of blue here and there, I believe it was topped with the blue sugar which appears to have kind of melded into the purple. It also has the glitter, like the other two.

And I took a macro shot of the scrub so you can see close up.

The samples are so yummy too, I didn't do a scent look up so I'm relying on the ol sniffer here. :)

Fresh and Flirti Romance Cake - I get lemon right off, and maybe grapefruit or ginger - something that has that sharp bite to it. I don't really smell cake but this is a sweet scent. There is a very light hint of something dark at play, perhaps a brulee of some sort but I'm not sure.

California Sunshine & Sugar - This is almost vitamin C smelling to me. There's definitely some sort of sugar there, but the vit C smell is sticking quite strongly to my nose. This may have lemon in it too, but I can't get past the vitamin smell. I totally loved this one two days ago, so maybe my sniffer is borked!

Pina Colada in Paradise - Straight up! Just like the name says, I could eat this. totally.

These products were bought with my own hard earned money and my review was not influenced by anyone or anything other than the products and my own experience.


  1. I like their products - But they have questionable business practices. I spent several hundred dollars on products, based on their Facebook promotions such as 'buy 3, get 3 free". I placed orders in April, 2012 - It's now July 5th, they owe me dozens of free scrubs, yet they send me an email saying that my orders are completed. I've been buying online for years - And have never seen such deceptive practices.

    1. I have not purchased or done a recent review (this one is over a year old) because they have changed and I do not recommend their company.


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