Wednesday, July 10, 2024

xoxoJen: Magenta Memories (Polish & Beauty Expo)

I designed and created Magenta Memories last year at the 2023 Polish and Beauty Expo Polish Making Workshop. This year, I am wearing it to the event!
I dreamed of a polish like this for over a year and just couldn't seem to find one, so when I had the opportunity at PBE last year, I took advantage.

xoxoJen's swatch of xoxoJen's Magenta Memories xoxoJen's swatch of xoxoJen's Magenta Memories xoxoJen's swatch of xoxoJen's Magenta Memories

My very first polish making experience was at the PBE workshop. I named it Magenta Memories to remind me of all the fun I had at PBE. My table-mates were ooo-ing and ahhhh-ing over it so I offered to share the recipe. I figured perhaps a few other folks may want the recipe too, so here it is! Please say hi if you see me, and let me know if you made the polish!!

Magenta Memories
10 scoops Electric Violet Ultra Aurora Pigment
3 drops red #7
1 drop ultramarine blue
10 drops magic holo micro flakes

Have a fabulous time if you're going and if not, perhaps I'll see you there next year!

My swatches are shown in two thick coats with topcoat and had no formula issues unless otherwise stated. All photography uses a neutral color temperature bulb and white background with white bounce card. My nails are natural with no enhancements and no blurring/cream base, I have a fairly prominent VNL.

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