Thursday, November 2, 2023

WitchCult Lacquer: Guardian Angelfish (We All Glow group custom)

Witchcult Lacquer is the custom maker for our We All Glow group exclusive! The polish will be available for purchase from November 7 to 30.
Use the secret code only found in the We All Glow facebook group to purchase yours! The code will reduce the price by $2.00.

Guardian Angelfish is a jelly with a strong blue/green/purple shimmer, black & green glitters, and glows green in the dark. It is black light reactive as well. Can be worn as a topper or alone. Shown here in three coats with topcoat. So sparkly and shifty ya'll, and the glow!! Another thing about this topper is that it doesn't feel lumpy/bumpy after only one coat of topcoat; it's quite smooth.

Glow In the Dark:


title="xoxoJen's swatch of" alt="xoxoJen's swatch of"

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