Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Polish Related Facebook Groups List by Planet Lacquer

Britta of Planet Lacquer recently featured my Indie Shops List at her blog! YAY!!
I am so thankful to her for the feature and all the kindness she's shown me.

While perusing her blog pages, I discovered that she loves lists!
Like, really really LOVES lists!

I found monthly sales roundups where Britta lists all the launches and sales for every month and I found a mega list that she created of facebook groups related to nail polish!

The list is organized into categories all on one page. You'll find links to groups that relate to nail polish for brands, collabs, color + finish, fandoms, destashes, chat, and resources! My oh My! I found so many new to me groups to join. Totally loving her list! Her post even includes a list of helpful descriptions about each of the categories on the page to make navigation super easy.

Planet Lacquer's facebook groups list

Definitely check it out, bookmark it, and visit the other resources, posts, and lists (of course!) at her blog while you're there!

My first introduction to her nailart was almost three months ago. I was in the Red Eyed Lacquer facebook group where she posted this stunning nail art! More recently, she contacted me to ask if she could use an image from my blog. We've chatted a bit, and she is super nice to talk with. She's an awesome swatcher and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading her blog. Please visit and show some love by leaving a comment on her blog and her other social platforms!

Blog: Planet Lacquer / Insta: @cosmicgrlnails / facebook: Planet Lacquer

It's important to note that Britta created this list on her own, I am just spreading the love! If you want to add a facebook group to her list, just reach out to her directly. Her email address is listed on her page or you can leave a quick comment at her blog. If you leave a comment on my blog, I'll share it with her but I bet she would really enjoy hearing directly from you even more! Thanks!

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