Tuesday, April 10, 2018

kbshimmer for Polish Pick Up: un-Staple

kbshimmer is participating in Polish Pick Up (PPU) For the Month of May! PPU is a once a month event where customers vote on a theme, makers create polishes and products based on a theme, and the items are on sale for 4 days only! May’s sale dates are 05/04-05/07.

The kbshimmer team has a fantastic new shade for PPU called un-Staple which is based on Milton in the movie Office Space.
Christy says, "Milton is my favorite. His unabashed love of his stapler, his bumbling ways, and the ultimate revenge at the end make him the true hero of Office Space. So when PPU decided on a 90's theme, I knew this 1999 movie was going to be my inspiration! I can just picture Milton, sitting at his monotone desk in shades of gray, blue and beige, with that one pop of color, his red stapler stealing the show."

Deepened blue leaning slate jelly base. Micro holo flakes had a touch of shine, while red copper shimmer inspires all of us that want a red stapler too.

xoxoJen's swatch of kbshimmer: unstaple
xoxoJen's swatch of kbshimmer: unstaple
xoxoJen's swatch of kbshimmer: unstaple

In love! This is one of those standout polishes that you will NOT want to miss. If you like or love the photos you've seen, you'll love it even more in person. Formula was fantastic, and ya'll, that copper shimmer is amazing!

PPU has a Facebook group for sharing photos of the polish too, if you are not a member why not join today?
un-Staple will retail for $10 and have no cap.

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