Monday, September 16, 2013

Soho Disney Villian Bags and Kiss Nail Art kits at Walgreen's

I love Disney and my friend Anni loves the villians. She collects the palettes and such each year so when I saw these I had to share them!
There are four bags and each one is a little differently shaped. They are all made of a satiny material and trimmed with purple to a tealish color shifting vinyl.
The Maleficant is two bags, a large clear vinyl and a smaller satin bag. The bag display says $10 but they rang up $9.99 at my store.

Each bag is lined with a print specific to the character on the outside of the bag.
Evil Queen:




I took a photo of the bottom of two Evil Queen bags to show the color shift in the vinyl trim they've used. This trim is present on all bags, this one just happened to have the most of it.

I also saw some Kiss Nail Art kits featuring the same villains, along with some nail art ideas to do with each kit.
Pretty cute! These are also priced at 9.99 for each kit.

I don't usually post cell phone photos, but I just had to share these with you all!
They're popping up in Walgreen's stores along with themed eyeshadow palettes and lashes done by e.l.f.
Which ones will you get? What is your favorite?

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