Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jindie Nails: Summer Collection

Jindie Nails sent 5 of the 11 Summer polishes to me for review and I have to say she has outdone herself with this collection! I love each one of them for different reasons and I think you will too!

Left to Right: Sparkle On the Vine, Dancing With The Stars, Hex On The Beach, Quit Staring At My Melons, A History of Violets
I've put the shop's description in parenthesis after each photo set for your convenience.

A History of Violets
is a beautiful purpley glitter mix. I wore one coat over AEngland Sleeping Palace, together they're the perfect purple combo! Purple is my favorite color, so I was thrilled she sent this one to me to try out. I hope you love it as much as I do!

mix of white, periwinkle, lilac, lavender, wine, opaque matte burgundy, opaque matte light purple, opaque matte dark purple hex, dots, stars, short bars (just a few). squares and lots and lots of purple and silver shimmer throughout (Mod Quad Set)

Hex On The Beach is one of those crelly polishes that Jindie is so well known for creating. She has a great formula and just the right amount of glitter for a nice crelly sandwich. I used two coats over Sally Hansen Whirlwind White for these photos.

white crelly base with matte, opaque baby pink, peach, red, orange, pastel yellow and canary yellow dots, diamonds & hex. This also has metallic copper & light pink dots & hex throughout plus a gorgeous peach shimmer (Summer Chic Set)

Sparkle On the Vine has to be one of my favorites - yep I have more than one favorite here! I love it because of how it sparkles and flashes and those HUGE holo dots!!! I wore this over an unreleased green polish from Urban Lacquer (sneak peek!). The glitter's color combo is gorgeous! I have always thought green, purple and pink go very well together. Wouldn't you agree?

lilac metallic extra large dots, lilac holographic large dots, opaque kelly green dots, opaque baby pink dots, violet metallic medium dots, large magenta metallic squares, teal diamonds, small lilac holographic dots & more. This polish has a clear base meant for layering (Mod Quad Set)

Dancing With The Stars is my other favorite. Who doesn't like black, white and hot pink together? How about if I add Sally Hansen Blue Me Away under it? I think its absolutely stunning and is so versatile that it would work well over green, purple, or orange - maybe even red! Or you could go with grey or a deep charcoaly not quite black color. Unlimited combo ideas here, tons of shapes and big chunky glitters - How could I not LOVE this?!

opaque matte baby pink, neon pink, white, matte opaque gray, black, silver holographic and matte opaque white diamonds, stars, dots, short bars (just a few), hex and a few hearts and butterflies. It has neon pink stars, hearts and butterflies! (Mod Quad Set)

Quit Staring At My Melons is one of those polishes that when you see the photo of the bottle its an instant,"oooo I MUST have that one!" kind of feeling. I wore one coat over Elevation Wuyi Mountain, a bright grassy green with shimmer. I think they complement each other really well because the green kinda reminds me of the rind and the glitter of watermelons! And the name!! I can imagine a conversation going something like this:
"Hey nice nail polish! What is it?"
"Thanks, Quit Staring At My Melons!"
"I wasn't, what's the name of it?"
"Quit Staring At My Melons!"

That convo could go on for days like this!

Matte kelly green, barbie pink, matte gray dots, watermelon pink & black dots plus smaller metallic light green and light pink dots. Also has small and extra large matte black dots and small micro hex in matte kelly green, matte gray, barbie pink, black, watermelon pink. The base is a clear base with bits of real silver flakes and intense green shimmer (Summer Chic Set)

And because I loved it so much, I took a macro of this nail where the heart landed right in the middle. I didn't plan this or move it around! I love happy accidents and wanted to share a better photo of it with you. :)

The Summer 11 collection can be purchased at Jindienails.com and you can follow Jindie for updates on Facebook. The most recent restock update is as follows: "www.jindienails.com will be restocked again in the next 2 weeks along with the launch of the remaining new summer colors. "

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  1. Oooh! Love Dancing With the Stars and Quit Staring at my Melons :) gorgeous swatches!

    1. Thank you so much! They are such fun polishes!

  2. Replies
    1. Jindie does crellies well! A breeze to apply, if you don't have one from her yet you should totally try it! I love your batman mani, btw!

  3. These all look great Jen!!!!

  4. Wow there all awesome colors! :)

  5. GORGEOUS Jen! I love how you paired Dancing With the Stars with that blue, it's a beautiful combo. I love them all, really!

  6. Swoooon! I love them, love them all! Especially Sparkle on the Vine! It reminds me of big gaudy costume jewlery, like the kind I would find in my grandma's jewlery box when I was a little girl. I know it doesn't sound like it, but that IS a compliment! lol :)
    I loove Dancing With The Stars too - I love polishes like that for the randomness of not knowing what will come out on my nail :)
    I guess I could live without Hex On The Beach...although completely awesome name! I'm just growing a little tired of glitter packed in white. I prefer a clear or tinted base, so I could change the look just by adding a different base color :)
    Yeah, I'd happily neglect a few bills to buy this collection.... (Don't try this at home, kids!) lol! :)

    1. Oh my gosh, grandma's jewelry! You're so right! I know just what you're talking about and have similar memories from when I was little! Definitely a happy thing!
      You've picked my two faves from these five, I loved DWTS as well - so versatile!
      Thanks so much for your kind comments and visiting me! :D

  7. Gorgeous swatches!!! Thanks for sharing! So in love with A History of Violets and Sparkle on the Vine!!! *swoon*

    1. Oh thank you so much for commenting and such kindness! :D
      I love those too, who was I kidding in my previous comment? Its so difficult to just pick a few faves. lol I love them all!


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