Monday, April 29, 2013

Model City Polish

Products provided for review.

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We went to a Steakhouse we had not tried before and it was delicious! Speaking of, I have some delicious Model City Polishes to show you today!

Wanna Be Your Boyfriend is a black jelly packed with small teal dot glitter and smaller hex glitter. Even though its dark it was still squishy looking and the pop of teal against the black really has a nice contrast! I wore two coats for these photos.

Not hip to teal? How about hot pink instead?! Sheena is a Punk Rocker is similar to the above polish and I think they would look pretty neat alternated on with each other every other finger... or ooo what about jelly sandwiching them together? o.o I have to try that!

And if you'd rather do a monochrome, there's this one: Hey Ho, Let's Go! which is a black jelly with silver and holo hex and square glitter of different sizes. This and the two before it make up the Ramones inspired trio.

Who doesn't like PB&J sandwiches? The deep purple jelly base is filled with two different size holographic gold glitters so you can have an instant jelly sandwich without all the fuss. Easy Peasy!

Did you finish all of your sandwich? How about Cookies and Milk for dessert!? Made with a white base, this polish has two sizes of black hex glitter and brown glitter. Extra chocolate chips please! I wore two coats alone for these photos.

Dipping Chocolate is a gorgeous shade of brown packed with holographic goodness! The best part? Zero calories! I loved this one and wore it for several days without any issues. It was breeze to apply and didn't need any special base or top coats; I just used my usual combo of Gelous and Seche Vite.

I've saved my favorite for last, Strawberry Jam. I don't like reds, but this one is exceptional! It is so squishy and juicy looking I wanted to lick it! I'm not kidding, I loved it that much! I wore two coats over Color Club Regatta Red, but I'm sure it could be built to opacity if you prefer not to wear a cream underneath.

I was curious what it'd do over blue, so I swatched my thumbnail over Milani's Dude Blue Neon and just look how different it looks! Still super squishy, but purple!

All of these polishes were easy to apply, no standing on one foot or tilting my head just right! Nope, what you see here is what came off the brush in one dip each time and painted on like normal. I love it when glitter polishes are this easy to use!
You can see all the Model City polishes at her Etsy shop or follow the brand on facebook.


  1. Yay Circle Glitters! :D These are all so pretty <3

    1. xD I said the very same thing about circle glitter when I started painting those on my nails!

  2. I'm really drooling over Dipping Chocolate! It's hard to pick a favorite out of all of these but I can't stop looking at that one!

    1. It really is very pretty and squishy and easy to apply - it just kinda rolled off the brush like butter. Its my other favorite in this line up!

  3. Gorgeous swatches and polishes!!! Sheena is a punk rocker, hey ho lets go, cookies and milk and strawberry jam are especially spectacular :)


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