Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Urban Lacquer: Winter Collection

I recently received Urban Lacquer's unreleased Winter collection for free to do a review, and along with that comes a discount for my readers! The collection is launching tomorrow (Thurs 11/15) at 8pm CST and will be available at the Urban Lacquer shop.

I don't usually do unboxing photos for polish because most ship in padded envelopes, but Urban Lacquer is an exception. I hope you enjoy the unboxing photos as much as I enjoyed the experience.

When I first opened the package, I was greeted with a personalized handwritten note and a tiny red rose from the owner, Brenda. This made me smile because only something special would be packaged this way.

I placed the rose behind my ear, read the note and then dug excitedly into the box. I found several pieces of ephemera along with a super glossy over-sized business card with her logo on the front and contact details on the back. Her logo is so clever isn't it?
Then I lifted out the sexy black tissue paper which revealed the polish bottles; each snug in their own bubble wrap burrito.

I unwrapped each bottle and just look! Each one is wrapped in tissue paper with a pretty UL logo sticker! My gosh I cannot imagine the amount of time and care taken to package this! It really felt like I was opening a special present. I haven't even seen the polish, and I'm already quite impressed.

I asked Brenda and she confirmed that she packages every single order similarly; but instead of a greeting card, Brenda will pack your Etsy receipt, a piece of cardstock with a handwritten thank-you note, and her business card in a small black organza bag that lays on top of the package and the rest of the packaging is the same.

And here they are, front and back! What's that, #103? Its a sneak peek at what's to come!

She even prints the ingredients right on the label:

Glittery & Bright is 5 different types of glitter, in a lightly tinted red base. A blend of gold, silver holo, red, and pink glitter.

I wore one coat of Glittery and Bright over my favorite white, Revlon Powder Puff, and I have to say the effect with the tinted base was a happy surprise. It reminds me of those pink and red candy canes! The topper was effortless to apply and sparkles like Christmas lights!

Dazzle Me Darling is three different shapes of glitter (bars, hex, and square shapes) and two sizes of hex glitter in a clear base.

I wore one coat over another Revlon suede called Emerald City. I just love the contrast of the gold against the green, it reminds me of a Christmas tree decked out in gold tinsel! The topper was effortless to apply, and with this one you can kind of control how much glitter goes on the nail, my pinky has more glitter than the other fingers.

Mall Matte-ness! (renamed from Holiday Matte-ness!) is five different kinds of matte glitter in a clear base, square light pink, micro red hex, hot pink shreds, green hex, & orange hex. Some of these glitters have a satin-like sheen to them and are very pretty!

I wore one coat of Mall Matte-ness! over Twinkling Elf which makes for a gorgeous combo!

Twinkling Elf is a buildable green jelly polish with a blend of blue holo and color-shifting micro glitter.

This is only two coats and is perfect! I love this shade of green and the shimmery micro glitter adds a special sparkle. Twinkling Elf was a breeze to apply!

Arctic Angel contains three different types of silver glitter, including silver shreds and micro glitter.

I wore one coat over Orly Royal Navy and surprisingly the shreds in this laid flat against my nail and didn't stick up like most do. I really loved this color combo, it reminds me so much of winter!

Now that the winter collection has been "Jennified", Brenda is offering a 20% discount to my readers. Head on over to Urban Lacquer, choose your favorites and use the discount code XOXOJEN20 in your shopping cart for your discount. Your cart should show 20% off your total order, before taxes (for TX residents) and shipping charges. Promo ends 15 Dec, 11pm CST.


  1. Just delicious Jen. Always making everything a must-buy. I'm going to go broke drooling & buying all the polishes! Keep up the super pics/manis/descriptions/enabling LOL

    1. Thank you so much becacine! Buy all the polish! ^.^

    2. Love the Mall one over the twinkling elf !

    3. Thank you! That combo and the Glittery and Bright polishes are my three faves!

  2. I like Twinkling Elf... and I can't wait to see 103!

    1. :D My favorite of this bunch is the Twinkling Elf/Mall Matte-ness combo! They're made for each other!

  3. I love nice wrapping (hee hee nicest wrapping awards)! And your under polish choices are so artistic...I think it's a gift to be able to do that :)

    1. Oh thank you so much! :D And yes about the wrapping! It'd be so easy to give these as a gift to someone!


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