Sunday, January 22, 2012

Heavenly Soaps quick review

christiansmom requested photos of this soap, so I figured I would paste my mini review in with these too. I didn't initially review these because they were gifts for Jas, but he has been a dear and told me to use them too! :D

The qtip is for size comparison length/width, the thickness of these is over an inch, probably close to 1.5 inches!

This is the kitchen coffee soap, it has coffee grounds in it!

One recent discovery really surprised and impressed me. Heavenly Soaps are mostly single note scents, natural in color, they bubble up so nicely and feel wonderfully moisturizing. Best of all they are VERY affordable. She sends two gigantic bars (same scent) to you, wrapped in those old timey waxy-like drugstore type bags. And her price? Get this! $2-3 for two HUGE bars + shipping.

I hauled like a jackrabbit from her for Christmas gifts for Jas. My favorite so far is the cranberry scented soap. Its very juice-like and sweet, more than it is tart. I haven't sniffed a cranberry quite like it before. Jas' favorite is the coconut lime.
She left feedback the same day I made the purchase 11/30 and I left her feedback on 12/5 after it had arrived. Pretty darn fast for the time of year it was!

I noticed at her etsy shop just now that she has more complex scents than when I shopped! Also at her webshop off Etsy, she carries bath bombs, salts, laundry soap, liquid soap, massage oil, shampoo bars, mini soaps (ball shaped), and you can even get a custom made soap loaf!

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