Monday, May 2, 2011

Sudsy's Bath and Body

EDP rollers in:

Confetti Frosting -I absolutely LOVE this one! (2nd fave)

Vanilla Laces - A very nice sweet vanilla, could pass for a light buttercream. I like it!

Vahine Heart - dupe of Coeur de Vahine, I have never smelled the original but I really like this! Its kind of a fruity/floral/musky vanilla. Very unusual!

Twigs & Berries - is a common scent but I still love it, smells like its name - twigs and berries (leans more berry than twig though)

Mardi Gras - very fresh juicy fruity scent. I love it, great for summer!

Buttercream Cupcake - I get a crayola undertone with this one, will let it sit and come back to it in a couple weeks. Other than that, I think I'll like it!

Sugar Scrubs:

Lemon Mallows - hooooomg, this one is wonderful! So creamy marshmallowy smelling with just the right touch of lemon to brighten. I really like this!

Pink Macaroon - My new fave! I think I've found my HG foody scent! I can't say enough about how wonderful it is! Number one favorite in my order.

Body Sprays:

Cedar - This is a really nice kind of sweet cedar. I'm using it for linen spray or air freshener.

Plum Crazy - I sprayed this on after zumba today and its a really nice plummy / berry scent. Its sweet and juicy and cooled me off quick!

Bedtime Bathory - I got this one to use as linen spray and it smells just like the J&J baby bedtime bath. So relaxing!

Candied Hibiscus - this is my 3rd favorite scent. Really difficult to describe! Its a floral but it doesn't get heady or overpowering on me, it goes sweet like the "candied" in its name, yet its light and fresh/clean smelling too. I really like this one!

Clamshell tart in Sangria - On cold sniff I get fruit but its mellow like a fruit salad with whipped cream in it or something. Will have to see how it melts!


One that I am sworn to not mention.

Soap sample in Frank and Myrrh - yummy, smells like expected. The soap gets that velvety lather that I love so much from homemade soaps and the scent lingers. My hands felt clean and soft after using it!

Shooter in Raspberry Violet - a nice blend of soft floral and fresh raspberry on bottle sniff. I just tested it, and am mostly getting the soft sweet powdery violet scent. Oils tend to change a lot on my skin, you may have a different experience. :)

The real star here is Pink Mac, 2nd is Confetti Frosting and 3rd is the Lemon Mallows and Candied Hibiscus.

Shipping was super fast, less than a week from order to door. Refunded shipping difference to me and communicated awesomely! The Pink Mac was a blend that I requested, not on her scent list. Its now been added and is becoming a fave at the body board.

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