Friday, January 28, 2011

42/52 Zoya Crystal

Brand: Zoya
Color: Crystal
Coats: 2, 3 on some I messed up. >.>
Application: dries fast, gotta work fast w/this one
Finish: foil
Base Coat: Instant Artificials
Top Coat: SH Insta Dri, red bottle
Wear: 4 days, shrinkage like woah
Purchased From:
My Polish Spreadsheet

I was really excited about receiving this polish!
SO much sparkle and glam, and its a simple foil finish with gold flecks so no gritty glitter to remove. It's everything I thought it would be. Note that I always have trouble with zoya metallic type polishes shrinking up and this one did the same thing. =/

shade photo

xoxoJen's swatch of Zoya Crystal

sun photo
xoxoJen's swatch of Zoya Crystal

flash photo
xoxoJen's swatch of Zoya Crystal

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